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At the point when considering changing your room furniture it merits counseling a fitted wardrobes guide. The purpose behind this is an aide can help you survey your capacity needs and thusly use your accessible space. It ought to be noticed this doesn’t matter just to the wardrobes themselves, additionally to any interior space that you have available to you. Favorable position of these wardrobes is that they can adapt to basically any state of the room. Whether you have uneven walls, inclining roofs or exceptionally cumbersome corners, these would all be able to be suited inside most wardrobe outlines. This isn’t the situation for standalone wardrobes, which tend to bring about a great deal of space squandered on either side of the furniture and they can’t manage any deviation from a straight wall. In fact, this is a perfect time to replace your old wardrobes with made to measure wardrobes so that the space of your room isn’t compromised.


There are numerous styles and plans accessible that will suit any room, from contemporary to more traditional. Sliding entryways are regularly a component and once more, these are extremely useful, especially when considering space. Fitted wardrobes can be either strong timber, or finish, both of which give an additional glow to the room. To truly customize your wardrobes you can browse a substantial scope of handles and adornments, which will give the carefully completed look that you require. It is critical to counsel a made to measure wardrobes professional when settling on the space sparing inside of your wardrobe. Consider variables, for example, the amount of hanging space you require and whether it is just for long things, for example, dresses or a blend of long and short. Do you require more retires for collapsed garments, for example, jumpers and sweatshirts? Drawers are valuable however you don’t require numerous. One is perfect for the little things, for example, socks, tights, and underclothes and another for random things. Counting tie and belt and shoe racks are additionally a decent approach to spare space. And now let me explain why the people who want to decorate their rooms with this kind of made to measure wardrobes prefer to have this furniture from Furniture Artist.

Bespoke Loft bedroom wardrobe

The professional experts of this company at first listen to your demands minutely and then they will demonstrate you the entire plan of designing that furniture by sketching; they will also show you the images of some of the similar kinds of assignments they have accomplished earlier. After your positive nod, they will inform you the exact date by which they would be able to deliver that furniture. Now, let me be specific about the added advantages.

Their professionals will visit your residence or commercial place at free of cost to assess the situation; get an assured guarantee of around ten years in case of any kind of furniture; get time to time assistance from the professionals that have more than ten years of experience in this profession; no compromise over the quality of the product for price. I think this is fair enough for you to decide why you should go for the professional experts of Furniture Artist.


Add a spectacular look to your empty space with fitted wardrobes

Are you juggling to keep your clothing’s in proper order? Are you one of those unlucky people who constantly complaint about lack of space in their bedroom? If these questions are popping up in your mind then it’s high time that you need a makeover of your bedroom with fitted wardrobes. These can be of different sizes, colors and shapes depending on your requirements and styling statement. These days individual select products depending on their comfort and looks, the same comes with fitted furniture. Fitted wardrobe enhances the look of your bedroom with free spacing.


Benefits of Fitted Wardrobe:

With the passing time, your family exceeds and you need more space for filling up clothes, accessories and important documents. This is not possible with a free standing wardrobe. Bespoke wardrobes allow the owner to design the furniture as per their requirement.

Some types of wardrobes add more space to your room such as:

Fitted bedroom wardrobe with dressing corner

Simple corner fitted wardrobe

Hinged or slide door wardrobes to add more spacing in your room.

Why fitted wardrobe is better than free standing one?

  • Intelligent use of space –Have you ever feel awkward about free standing wardrobe that unnecessarily occupies a larger space of your bedroom? Change it with fitted wardrobe to add more walking space along with sufficient interior for clothing and accessories.
  • Right material and finishing –Many a times a free standing wardrobe do not have a proper finishing or the quality of material used in them would not be of supreme quality. With bespoke wardrobe you are assured of choosing the best quality and with proper fixtures and finishing.
  • Choose your style –In today’s time people love to reflect their style in every possible item they possess, so why not in wardrobe? Add a contemporary look to your space with updated style of fitted wardrobe.
  • Custom made Wardrobe –Fitted wardrobes are designed to adjust with your avail space and providing more space to your room whereas freestanding wardrobes take a lot of space.


Place the order of bespoke wardrobe with the best store

Now that you are searching for a furniture artist for your bespoke fitted wardrobes, you must try the designs of a renowned and well established furniture business. One of the eminent furniture designers is “Furniture Artist”. They create beautiful and stylish fitted furniture for your office and household needs. They take great care and responsibility for accomplishment of each project undertaking. All of their carpenters are trained personnel’s, providing elegant and practical looks to your fitted wardrobes. If you are interested in purchasing readymade furniture, they’ll avail you with various alternatives. They have already established a strong hold on certain cities, by supplying quality products to their customers along with timely delivery. Their team of professionals put entire knowledge, focus and idea for providing you with something more spectacular and spacious than you have thought about. Order bespoke fitted wardrobes from their store by visiting them at

Built in wardrobes perfect and well fitted for your room!!

Whether you may prefer fitted, open or freestanding wardrobes or you may prefer modern or traditional one. Whatever may be your choice, at Furniture Artist you may avail all kinds of built in wardrobes to suit your clothes and style both. Apart from that it is undoubtedly an incredible type of storage solution. It is undoubtedly the best kind of storage solution for your increasing possessions. So whatever you love collecting, you would never have to stop.


So are you struggling for storage space? You may easily find the perfect storage solution right here at Furniture Artist. Not only a simple and attractive looking with aesthetic features , but also such kind of contemporary furniture also offer the users an amazing quality storage solution and actually help to maximise the space. This may make you quite astonished like never before. Installation of such fitted wardrobes may provide you lots of spaces that you never knew you had.

An unobtrusive built in wardrobes is the perfect way to de-clutter your room. With a wide variety of such built in wardrobes are available in beautiful designs and may be easily installed from ceiling to wall, even in the most awkward shaped rooms very easily. Their service is based on the ethics that choice is yours and the ideas of modifications are of their in to offer you one of the most incredible and amazing quality storage solution undoubtedly. With the availability of wide collection of beautiful storage solutions, they are quite eligible to offer you the perfect and ideal fitted wardrobe for your space, budget and personality. But before making a purchase of such furniture, you need to think about some points:

  • You should always choose from a diverse range of such fitted wardrobes in a variety of color and designs.
  • Complete your bedroom with such built in wardrobes that are really beneficial to save on space, while increasing storage.
  • Feel confident in the knowledge that you are in safe hands – their professional installation specialists would work their very hardest to minimise disruption to your home.
  • Request a free brochure to browse all the full ranges of the manufacturers.


So, if you are really eager to install such fittings in your home, you may find the great ranges of like white built in modern bookcase, white bespoke fitted home office, sleek white modern fitted wardrobes, traditional built in alcove cupboards, sleek white built in alcove cupboards and many more. So if you are hunting for a new and amazing quality such fitted wardrobes for your room, Furniture Artist has what you are looking for. Whether you may need more storage space for your shoe or hanging space, such wardrobes are tailored perfectly to cater all your exact needs and to complete and de-clutter your bedroom. Due to their expertise and professional team, they are quite confident about that they may find the right fitted wardrobe for their clients.

Avail made to measure wardrobes to get beautiful outside, smarter inside storage solutions!!

At Furniture Artist the professionals are ready to assist you in order to offer an incredible storage solution that not only is the incredible and unique style and configuration, but absolutely modified and fitted to the exact magnitude of your space. So maximise the use of your space with the versatility of their  systems. As designing such kind of furniture is quite easy, so it is better to make your own choice of shelves, drawers, hanging rails and so on to adjust all the sizes in order to suit your space precisely.


Why to choose made to measure wardrobes?

With the fitted or made to measure wardrobes you may increase the versatility of your room as it may stretch from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, even in the most awkward shaped rooms. In order to fulfill your needs and maximize the storage space, you should always choose an innovative range of storage solution for your room undoubtedly.  So here at, you may find the ethics that choice is yours and it is tailored by their professionals to precise your needs properly. Next, when the question arises regarding the fitting of such wardrobes, the professionals are always ready to assist you in further modification of the wardrobes so that it can be well fitted in your room properly. Cutting and scribing the frame are quite essential so that they precisely fit the storage solution neatly into each and every little space. All these efforts may be resulted in a beautifully designed bedroom with lots of storage space beyond your thinking and imaginations. At Furniture Artist, they may give you lots of spaces that you never knew you had.

Why to hire Furniture Artist?

Furniture Artist has an innovative and extensive range of storage solutions for your beloved home that are modified to cater your exact and diverse personal needs. Surprisingly, all are designed to fully maximise in order to avail enough space. Here, you may find efficient furniture experts that would help you to find just the right mix of rails, shelves, racks and luxury drawers to accommodate all your clothing and other increasing possessions properly. Apart from that they are also helps to assist you for interior and exterior lighting solutions that would utterly transform your room and how you use it.  Whatever the furniture, you choose from this online website; they are quite confident and feeling proud about their products and services that they have created with the guarantee of the quality of the product, installation and longevity as well.

Bespoke Made to measure walk in wardrobe

So it is quite clear that you should never compromise with the quality of the furniture for little amount of money. Once, you avail the high quality furniture with glossy finish and quality materials then you may get brilliant return if you decide to sell the furniture in future. That is not same with poor quality furniture. So, read this blog to avail high quality room fittings at an economic price.

How Can You Get Benefits From Fitted Furniture?

Planning to remodel the designing of your rooms in the UK! Are you really concerned about the inappropriately fitted furniture! Then, let me assist you in this respect by sharing how this fitted furniture can prove to be helpful in case of redesigning of rooms.


Use Your Space Efficiently

A number of times it has been found that with the inappropriate use of the furniture the room space of your rooms seems to be smaller than before.  One of the greatest advantages of fitted furniture is that the furniture is intended to capitalize on the space you have. Fitted room furniture can be manufactured to the precise dimensions you entail. Like fitted kitchens, this furniture is arranged particularly for your room. You can exploit unbalanced corners and spaces under inclining roofs, where detached furniture is frequently troublesome or even difficult to put. This permits you to have all the more free floor space, making your room more open and simpler to move around in.

Maximum Storage Space

Keeping your room clean turns into a noteworthy difficulty unless you hire the professional help for it; however, when there is an arranged space for every one of your belonging, your room is anything but difficult to sort out. With fitted furniture, you can pick whether you require more closet space or more drawers and precisely where you need them. Once your room is finished, you’ll generally know where your possessions are assumed to be. You’ll never again need to stress over modifying your furniture, either. Fitted decorations are lasting, so your room dependably stays assorted out and proficient as it was on the day it was finished. No all the more pushing overwhelming unattached furniture around, straining your back, or scratching your floors.

Customize for Your Taste

With this kind of furniture, you can simply redefine your taste as it perfectly suits your desire. With new fashions and trends coming forward; you need to maintain that in your home decoration also so, fitted furniture can help you a lot in this respect.

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Unlimited choices in Fitted Bedrooms

Do you lean toward light or dim wood? Would you rather have contemporary room decorations or rich conventional plans? Regardless of what your taste, you can make the ideal style for your room. Since the furniture is uniquely designed, you can make the look you adore. You don’t need to settle for something that just approaches your fantasy furniture since you pick the ideal style for your room. The furniture is re-modified to meet your particular needs. Does the room need a work area in it? You choose where it is best found and what sort of work area is important. Should it have a keyboard tray? Should there be bookshelves above or adjacent to it? With fitted room furniture, you pick what will be the best answer for you.

Now having decided to have some fitted furniture you must hire the service from Furniture Artist; as their professional experts are preferred by the majority of the people in the UK and they are appropriately skilled to deliver your desire in re-defined shape.