Fitted wardrobes – way to bring a contemporary look to your home

If you are planning to move to a new address or remodeling your existing home, sorting out your room space is not as simple as it might sound. This is quite obvious that you never want to suffocate your room with lots of furnitures. So, this is natural to look for the best and suggested interior design ideas that certainly allow you to create enough space along with required storage area. Here is a very practical solution for saving your space by installing fitted wardrobes in your room. This latest concept is highly appreciated by several homeowners.


This kind of custom designed furniture is really beneficial for an irregularly shaped room where adding a standing wardrobe can hamper the elegance of the entire room. Along with beneficial functionalities, this customized product can go with your room decoration and colour. Companies that supply this furniture may charge various prices based on its size, material used or design, but this is quite true that these are affordable and can be managed within a low budget cost. Along with residential use, this is suitable for office use that meets the requirements for huge file storage and space for documentation.

Benefits of fitted wardrobes:

There are several good reasons to make use of this. Let’s explore some of them:

  • Get a wardrobe commensurate your needs
  • Efficient and intelligent use of space
  • Include lighting facility in your fitted wardrobe
  • Proper use of right materials along with proper finishing
  • Contemporary look with up-to-date styling
  • Efficient cleaning

But proper materials and installation work have to make this attractive and for these reasons, an experienced source should be involved in this job. Experience and professional work always can make you gainer.

Proper destination to make your room beautiful with fitted furniture:

If you are really eyeing for a suitable source to install this fitted wardrobes, Furniture Artists Ltd. can offer you a suitable solution. This is a leading name in this world of customized furniture. They are specialized in classic and contemporary bespoke fitted furniture. Their several previous projects were appreciated by some renowned interior designers. This is quite tough to have their closest competitor in this market in case of quality maintenance. They always provide priority to their customer need and then sketch the design with the assistance of experienced interior designers. Here are some reasons of their popularity:

  • Free designer visits at your place
  • Offer 10 year guarantee with all their furniture
  • Professional service with expert manufacturing ideas
  • Top quality materials
  • Vast variety of stock including wide ranges of color and finishing
  • Service available for both residential and industrial purpose
  • Their furniture is handmade by certified professionals in the UK

 This is a family owned business based in North West London and their passion is to create smart, contemporary, functional fitted furniture. They are committed to accomplishing the entire project with great attention within the stipulated time period. They always keep your budget in mind. Really looking for more information! Visit So, if you like to design your room maintain the modern rule of fitted furniture, select this source to satisfy your desire.


Advantages You Can Get From Bespoke Office Furniture

Bespoke furniture’s are any piece of furniture that have been made with customization. The furniture may also be made to the requirements of the client, both in size and in facets. Any type of furniture may also be made customized, which means that bespoke furniture can vary from tables and chairs to cabinets, mattress headboards, and even doors. The term “bespoke” is not often used in the U.S., but it’s most often used in the United Kingdom and much more countries of the world. In the USA, such furniture is alternatively mentioned as customized.

bespoke office furniture

Many furniture makers often offer bespoke furnishing as a variety of the choice of their customers regardless of existing or prospective. In this approach, the customer needs to meet the professionals face to face so that the former can inform the latter all about the designs and elements that the customers want. As the bespoke office furniture often cost more than conventional furniture you need to negotiate with the professionals about the price of the project and then comes to a mutual conclusion about the total budget of the project.

Advantages of using bespoke office furniture

Most persons are doubtful concerning the notion of getting bespoke office furniture for one excellent reason that is cash. The ultimate motto of customized items is of luxury, extremely-high-finishing housing equipment. For those who don’t see yourself in that income bracket whenever soon, you may also disregard the whole suggestion. This is unfortunate, for the reason that there may also be many pleasant, sensible advantages to custom furniture. A custom piece will remedy certain problems.

  • Store-bought furniture can’t always do what you want to be implemented indoors of your commercial place, For instance, you do plenty of desk work and have one targeted nook to accommodate the desk, computer, and drawers and so forth. You may be fortunate and find sturdy bespoke office furniture to be extremely fitting with the intention to fit that corner.
  • A piece of custom furniture can fulfill your taste with the way nothing can offer. Needless to say, the pleasure of mind of a person doesn’t come with the modern day gadgets, rather using products that will keep the environment of the office absolutely pure or pollution free; the point may be valid from ethical as well as health point of views. If you are not okay with the readymade wooden furniture then you must go for bespoke office furniture.

  • If you have not a wide space in the office then using this furniture would be the best way to use the office space in the most proficient manner. Especially in the urban areas it has been witnessed that a number of commercial places have been made in some odd shapes or in some unconventional shape; from the perspective of those business owners using this kind of customized furniture would be simply the best.


  • One more added advantage is there; suppose you have a specific financial budget of making some custom furniture, then you must rely on the professional experts of reputed concerns like Furniture Artist. They can suggest you the best way so that the furniture can suit each and every taste of the client.
  • One of the growing trends that have become prominent these days is the use of eco-friendly products; while you are about to use or you are using custom furniture you must have the opportunity to use eco-friendly products.

Where to buy?

Furniture Artist which is basically based on North West London is nothing but a small family run business. The professional experts of this company enjoy making custom furniture for both of their existing and new customers. They ensure you that they will invest all of their attention, knowledge, and experience in each of the projects undertaken by them. A number of people in the UK have already taken the advantage of these professional experts; then what are you waiting for!

Why Should You Use A Fitted Wardrobe?

Planning to enhance the home environment without squandering the hard earned money of yours! It would be better to add some made to measure wardrobes into your room than spending money on some useless items that may eventually cost much money in the coming future. This type of wardrobes is absolutely contemporary furniture that has been utilized by many persons for several years; this furniture can suit your requirement as well as enhance the home environment with some exquisite decorations. The approach can prove to be highly admirable as you can use both of them as a combination with other existing appliances in your room or you can utilize them in a manner so that the entire decoration of the interior part of the room will be heightened.


If your room seems to be highly trafficked then also you can add made to measure wardrobes as these can offer you some free spaces where you can decorate with some new items. Besides, fitted wardrobes won’t be obstructing at all; it is simply because this type of furniture is designed as well as manufactured according to your requirements as per the room’s point of view most of the people often face a difficulty with a free standing wardrobe for they are made of low ceilings to make sure that all customer can utilize it for a house that has big floors; but suppose you have shorter space in your rooms then free standing wardrobes would be a waste of money for every point of view; rather replace it with a modernized and made to measure wardrobes so that you can enjoy the benefit of extra space it can offer. Most fitted wardrobes have doorways made from wood and residence design consultants will inform you to restrict veneer wooden which is more cost-effective and can most likely last not so long as a great wood door will. This moment could be very fundamental, as you should invariably choose the sort of timber with a purpose to fit along with your different wood furnishings and flooring. Some use this kind of wardrobes to make their room seem larger via hanging mirrors on the wooden doors. So that you save space and make your dresser even more practical.


Many people around the globe have also adopted this kind of wardrobes because they want something extra in their rooms; after having a good dimension room we definitely want some modernized item in our rooms; with fitted wardrobes you can easily decorate your room with a wardrobe that has been designed as well as manufactured just the way you like to see it. Here you have the liberty to choose or rearrange the shelves and partitions any time depending upon your lifestyle and requirement. Tell the professionals about the design and ask for more valuable suggestion in this regard; as for the professionals like Furniture Artist you simply need to discuss the plan in minute details; they have been doing this type of work for many days; many instances of a number of accomplished work can be viewed on the gallery page of their website .

Explaining the perfect source for bespoke bookcases in London

If you are a book-lover this is quite common to have plenty of books in your room. Often we face the problem while we start to arrange them as the spaces in our bookshelves are not enough for those. Again we may not have adequate floor space to extent the shelves. In this scenario, only bespoke bookcase can meet your demand. This item is high in demand and people often like to fit bespoke bookcases in London for their convenience.


Not only used for book storage purpose, but bespoke bookcases also have an aesthetic value that will boost the look of your room. This has a smart look that solves your storage problem along with increasing the decency. This is a customized product that often uses the unused space of your room. These means bespoke furniture can offer you the better functionality along with using the unused space of your room.

But installing a bespoke bookcase is not an easy task and this service needs a touch of professionalism. This bookcase should be well manufactured and durable; otherwise there remains a chance of breakage. Installing is the most important and an expert can serve this purpose. So, if you have to install a bespoke bookcase in your room you should select the experience source that will offer the best ever service.

If you are looking for these bespoke bookcases in London you should fix your destination at Furniture Artist. This is a reliable source from where you can get your desired result. They can realize the value of your books to you and for that reason they manufactured durable bookcase with the highest quality materials. This is a family owned business serving through North West London. They are aiming to create beautiful, stylish, functional bespoke furniture. They always believe in the long term relationship with their clients and they try to make their clients satisfied beyond their expectations. They always address the need of their customer and try to serve them to meet their need through the best way possible.

custom made bespoke bookcase

Furniture Artist has experienced designers who can suggest you the best solution that is the most compatible to your needs. They always try to accomplish their job within the stipulated time at the most reasonable price. They are unique as they have some distinct features like:

  • Free designer visit to your home
  • Best quality materials which are durable
  • Great design along with fantastic finishing
  • 10 year guarantee with all their products
  • Offer professional service with high experience
  • Proper installing technique
  • Wide range of colors that will suite your interior
  • Custom designed furniture that will meet your needs
  • Furniture manufactured by certified professionals in the UK

Through their website you can get lots of information along with their contact details. Their professionals are experienced in fitting these bespoke bookcases with high efficiency. So, if you are worried about your storage of books this is must to install bespoke bookcases to your room that will offer you the win-win solution and Furniture Artist has no other substitute in this regard.

Facts that people should know before buying bespoke wardrobes in London

London is very beautiful and well-developed city and people in this city are very fashionable. For this reason, it is seen that people in this city decorate their house very beautifully. You must know that we cannot ignore the importance of furniture when it comes to interior decoration. Varieties types of house belongings are available in the market and people in this city decorate their housed with fashionable suitable furniture. You must know that wardrobe is very common bedroom furniture and most of the people prefer using this type of furniture for decorating their bedroom. It is seen that today, many people in London use bespoke wardrobes for improving the decoration of their bedroom.


Bespoke furniture

Furniture that is manufactured as per the owner’s choice is also called bespoke furniture. This kind of furniture is made of high quality ingredients. In this case, professionals manufacture furniture according to the requirements of their clients. Since people can manufacture furniture as per their own choice so people in these days prefer using bespoke furniture mostly. In one side these customized house belongings fulfill all requirements and the other side these kinds of house belongings provide a unique looks to our rooms.

Advantages of using bespoke wardrobes

Presently, a large number of people in London buy bespoke wardrobes and use this kind of furniture in their bedroom. In fact, it is seen that people who use this kind of furniture get many advantages and those are;

  • Since the design of the customized wardrobes depends on the individual’s preference so every bespoke wardrobe provide unique looks.
  • This kind of furniture fetches the attention of visitors very easily.
  • This kind of wardrobe expresses the owner’s fashion sense to the others people.
  • Customized furniture reflects the economical status of the owners.


How to by the high quality bespoke wardrobes

Since the price of bespoke wardrobes is quite more than normal furniture so many people don’t want to buy this house belonging. But people should know that house belongings are important for decorating our house so we shouldn’t compromise with the quality of the furniture. Now you must be thinking that how to buy the best quality customized wardrobe. Well, in this case people should follow few tips like;

  • People should buy this kind of furniture from a reputable furniture manufacturing company.
  • People should discuss with the professionals about their requirements properly.
  • People should ask the professionals about the ingredients of the furniture before buying etc.

Buying bespoke wardrobes from a reputable furniture manufacturing company is very necessary. Under this circumstance, people can buy these house belongings from Furniture Artist. This furniture manufacturing company has been manufacturing high quality furniture and the professionals of this company manufacture customized furniture as per client’s choice. The best thing is that this reliable furniture manufacturing company sells their manufactured furniture at an affordable price to their clients so people can buy their required furniture from this online store easily. If you want to visit the online showroom of this furniture manufacturing company then you must click this link