Why you should opt for a fitted bedroom furniture installation?

Are you building a new home? You must have some great planning for decorating your bedroom or here you can get some help. And those who have been planning some refurbishment in their existing house, they can also make an approach with some nice looking furniture. Well, this can be absolutely done in your bedroom also with some fantastic fitted bedroom furniture installation. This will add an extra value to your home and increase the level of comfort as well.


Give your bedroom an upgraded setup

It is now time to plan for redecorating the bedroom. If you really want to enhance the look of your bedroom giving it a newly appearance then fitted furniture would be an excellent solution. Is it still not possible to be convinced if you see that it is far better than the stand alone furniture? You will be totally impressed to see the benefits of installing fitted furniture in your room.

Intelligent way of using most of the space

With this kind of furniture you can choose storage solutions that will work best for you and match perfectly with your amount of clothes and accessories. Whenever you face any storage issue with the fitted furniture your problem will be easily solved. Whether you are looking forward to showcase the elegance of the furniture or simply looking for some more storing space, you must renovate the house with bespoke furniture.

Perfectly fitted in your bedroom

Any kind of fitted furniture is usually made bespoke to your bedroom or any other room where you want to fit it. It is really hard and looks clumsy to fit a stand-alone furniture in the bedroom those have like sloping ceilings and chimney breasts because not all the bedrooms are shaped rectangular and you can build up your room anyway you wish and same goes for the furniture as well. With fitted bedroom furniture, you don’t really have to worry about fitting the furniture because it will perfectly fit to your space whether you have very small space or large one.


Choose the look you desire for

There are a vast range of design options available that will match your choice of fitted bedroom furniture and you will be able to give your bedroom a truly unique and attractive look. From modern high gloss doors to colorful and gloss finishing handles, door styles and many more you can choose anything you like.

At www.furnitureartist.co.uk you will get to see some exclusive fitted bedroom furniture which is designed by professional and creative designers. You can talk to the team and tell your preferences and they would provide you with the best possible design in your bedroom and give you a satisfying and affordable service as well.


Include a built in cupboard to improve your room appearance

When you are planning for a new home or remodeling your bedroom are you stuck between whether to install a fitted wardrobe or not? Well this isn’t much easy to sort out the room space. You do not want to make your room look clumsy and feel suffocated with fitting too many furniture but also it would look empty if you don’t have at least few inside. Furniture also increase your comfort level and so the built-in cupboards that are fit for stuffing your clothes. You surely need a lot space because there is no limit to go shopping and buying more and more clothes. This kind of cupboards not only get you rid of the tension for keeping your clothes in well manner but it also helps you from fitting any space consuming standing wardrobe.  


Benefits of installing built in cupboards:

There are other many advantages you must explore before choosing to fit the built-in cupboards.

  • Fit a wardrobe precisely customised

You can tell your furniture designer about your choice of designs and a built in wardrobe with all the features you want.

You can specifically add the number of racks for having access to enough allotments for shoes, everyday clothes and party clothes.

Add additional drawers for keeping tie and handkerchief, also you may add shelves and hangers as needed to make your own flexible and unique space.

Your fitted cupboard will occupy particularly that amount of space you want to allocate for it even if your building area is small or narrow and while you only have a small, odd-shaped space to fit the wardrobe.

  • Smart and better use of space

The freestanding wardrobes, if you ever had any, may look awkward no matter wherever you put it.

If you have ever been frustrated by wasted space in your room because of the small size of the wardrobe that left unusable areas inside it and possibly between one or more walls?

You can easily get rid of these worries by designing a built in cupboard that fits flawlessly into the room. Your fitted cupboards will be accurately the right size with no wasted space.


  • Up-To-Date Style

A fitted wardrobe happens to display the difference between your contemporary new homes from older or vintage home that doesn’t generally include any such updated features. It would be surely expensive to renovate an old house to install built in wardrobes, but when you are building a proper new home it is a sensible decision to grab the opportunity for including exactly the style and design of wardrobe that you desire for.

Best furniture artist for your purpose

There are a lot of companies that offer professional furniture designers those who are acquired worth enough ideas and knowledge about fitting built in cupboards in the home. If you are looking for one then you may visit at www.furnitureartist.co.uk and be lucky to avail their services. They have an entire team of efficient furniture artists designers those who also offer you some exclusive designs that would meet your need of space and desiring for a good looking wardrobe as well.

Use the Room Space in the Efficient Manner with Bespoke Furniture

Nowadays it’s indispensable for reliable furniture shops to offer more premium scopes of furniture to address purchasers with a great deal of extra cash. Notwithstanding, these costly ranges still can’t contend with the items that furniture manufacturers make. In terms of the superiority of the furniture is concerned; nothing can be compared with those expert hands of the skilled professionals since they have been doing the same kind of job for many years now. All of the skilled workers of a reputed furniture company in London do know all sorts of techniques while manufacturing bespoke furniture in London.


Then again, when you purchase from a standard shop, retail chain or even order on the web, these customised items are frequently made in a rapid manner, economically and by a robot as opposed to the gifted hands of a skilled worker. Indeed, even the most costly items are made along these lines, as they would preferably add higher edges to an item than produce something delightful and dependable!

The other key distinction amongst custom and standard furniture makers is the materials utilised as a part of the item itself. Well, it is comprehended that readymade furniture is created to a lower quality due to their shabby materials which are utilised to cut expenses and support edges. Recurrently, inexpensive MDF is utilised with a vinyl coating appended with a false wood effect. But what is this? On the whole, MDF is reprocessed woodchips pasted collectively to construct boards. Subsequently, a plastic coating is adjoined with a timber effect printed on. This offers the false impression of real wood from a remote space, but in reality, it looks not expensive. In the interim, by having a close look at a reputed online workshop you can make certain that your furniture is created from genuine wood. In the event that you indicate pine, beech or oak, you can make certain the thing will be manufactured utilising that material! This is great genuine feelings of serenity and guarantees that you’re getting an excellent item.


Many people want to add some extra feature while planning to have some bespoke furniture in London. In a number of cases it has been found that furniture are made of plastic in place of real wood; so why to take risks ! Rather contact the professional experts of Furniture Artist so that they can offer the exact product you have ever wanted. Tell them about the materials to be used and the design that you want to see in your furniture. They ensure with their 100% genuine work along with some incomparable skill and expertise. Before deciding all of these stuff at first you have to decide the purpose for which you are about to get those bespoke furniture.  Most of the people have faced a huge problem since they have shorter space in their house, so the best approach to utilise that shorter space in the most efficient manner. So, keep in touch with the professionals of the aforesaid company; you can also have a look on their accomplished works on their website.

Add More Leg Space With Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Each and every corner of a house is very important. In fact, the bedroom is one the most integral part of the house. It is the place of privacy and relaxation. People prefer more leg space in their room and avoid unwanted coverage of floor area with furniture or other accessories. This has created demand for fitted bedroom furniture that sets well with the available space and gives a perfect look to the bedroom. It is rapidly gaining popularity among the citizens of the UK and has encouraged furniture artists to bring on new and innovative designs and patterns.


Key features of installing fitted furniture in bedroom:

  • Reflect your style in your furniture with traditional or contemporary style
  • Fitted furniture can be designed as per the requirement of the owner
  • Plan your own design and idea and give a unique look to your space
  • Best alternative for hiding sloping ceilings or indented walls
  • Ideal for attics, room with irregular shapes or extensions
  • Coordinate well with the theme and color of the bedroom
  • The available space can be used more effectively
  • Infinite versatility and variety of features

Things to consider before buying:

It is necessary to check certain points before ordering fitted bedroom furniture so that the piece of art could turn into a piece of admiration. The points mentioned below would help you in installing the furniture as per your desire.

  • Check for the quality of material used as good quality lasts for longer years
  • Select color and pattern that blends well with the environment
  • You may take the advice of a furniture artist for planning
  • Check for the size of your bedroom and plan as per that
  • Compare the price of products from different sources
  • Check for the appropriate space to install furniture
  • Place your order with a reputable manufacturer

The best place to order for fitted furniture:

In today’s market, a number of furniture artist provide the provision of fitted furniture to their clients. Now that you know about the selected points to be checked, for your convenience, the reference of a reputed and renowned store in the UK is given – “Furniture Artist Ltd.”. It is a family run business that has evolved over the years into a successful running company. The professionals working here are passionate to draw beautiful, stylish, and practical functional fitted furniture. If you are searching for reasons enough to hire them, then check for the following points:

  • Professionals working with over 15 years of experience in the business
  • At least 10 years guarantee with all the furniture
  • Provide a unique touch to every design they make
  • Accomplish each task with their best effort
  • Wide range of color options
  • Use of best quality materials
  • Free designer visit

If you are willing to get the best-fitted furniture for your bedroom, then manufacture from them. To know more about their services, visit the given link www.furnitureartist.co.uk.

Enjoy some more space for your clothes with walk in wardrobe

Whenever you go for shopping do you really care about how much space you have in your wardrobe or whether it would be possible to fit that dress inside your existing wardrobe? The answer would be surely no. Especially women out there really like shopping and however buying dresses matter more than keeping it in the closet. Hence, if you want enough space in your home to keep those newly bought dresses and also if you are running out of space to save your existing wardrobe from making a mess then fitting a walk in wardrobe in your home would be a great idea. Like other bespoke furniture, having a walk-in wardrobe is a huge advantage. Such wardrobe will provide you lots of storage to keep the cloths and other accessories in the right place.


To gain the ultimate benefit out of this kind of wardrobe, you must know what use a wardrobe stands for. Well most importantly it is to keep it well arranged so that you can pick your clothes and don’t have to waste time on finding it. Such wardrobes come with a lot of designs and ideas. Experienced Furniture artists install the wardrobes when you are about to build a new home or want to renovate it. Many people ignore the needs of the installation of a better wardrobe rather focus on a remodeled bathroom and modifying kitchen appearance.


If you will know few benefits of the walk in wardrobe then you would absolutely want one to be installed in your own home.

  • Sufficient added room

Depending on the space you can accommodate in your home the wardrobe size and dimensions will be designed. Generally a walk in wardrobe is a small room with large space including wardrobe hangings where you can store your everyday clothes and extra items for your access at anytime. With more space the stuffs (clothes and accessories and other objects) are neatly organized and you do not have to worry about stuffing or jamming those in a small closet. Generally this is attached to the bedroom or simply installed in a different room.


  • Key Features with comfort

The chief purpose of having a wardrobe is to keep your stuffs in a manner so that you can easily find it whenever you want and this kind of wardrobe gives you enough storage accessories (shelves, mirrors, light fixtures, drawers etc.) to store more things and make it easily accessible. Walk in wardrobes such way increases the level of comfort.

  • Increased value of property

Fitting such wardrobes in the home will increase the value of your home in appearance and also if you want to sell it in future you can recoup the money for already adding such beautiful wardrobe space in the house.

Get the best furniture expert

According to source many people happen to use and approach the idea of fitting walk in wardrobe. The furniture artists only make it possible for you by getting trained and experienced in such artwork. They consult with you your choice of spaces and preferences and present to you an exact wardrobe to fulfill your ultimate need. Such a bespoke furniture expert company is Furniture Artists that has an entire team of trained contractors who are able to create and install walk in wardrobes and other customized furniture to make your living comfortable. You may visit at www.furnitureartist.co.uk and see the kind of services they provide. You will be happily served and they will work as per your need and carefully in order to satisfy your expectation from them.

Why People Opt For Fitted Bedroom Furniture?

As soon as you have built your latest home, are you speculating whether you ought to take in a fitted wardrobe in your strategy for other rooms especially the bedrooms? There are scores of excellent reasons to accomplish such kind of project. Let’s discover all sorts of diverse benefits to judge after you make the choice regarding fitted bedroom furniture in London.


Freestanding furniture is frequently an indiscriminate incorporation of furnishings picked up from everywhere, positioned anywhere you discover the space for it; accordingly, you can make your bedroom just like the way you think. Fitted furniture cannot simply be custom-made to the altitude of a room, but in addition, be completed as per the silhouette of the room. An oblique ceiling, a discomfited bay, all of it can be in use very soon by selecting for built-in over freestanding furniture. You don’t have to purchase a four-door wardrobe but you require a three-door unit. You don’t need to carry on with a casual table for a study since the usual sizes don’t fit in that place. With fitted bedroom furniture in London, you don’t need to compromise a bit.

  1. There would be hardly any better option to make a style statement than executing a plan that reverberates with your individuality and flavour in your bedroom. And self-supporting furniture once in a blue moon proffers you that chance. With fitted bedroom furniture, you can, in actuality, have the opportunity to individualise your bedroom.
  1. The main benefit of modified or fitted furniture is that it can be made customised anyplace, in any room, in any silhouette ― pointed, circular, or basically straight.
  1. You believe it’s more comfortable to pay money for that bed you saw online, or that wardrobe that presently looks gorgeous with its enriched timber finish. But are you acquainted with how much additional you can accomplish with fitted furniture? It is a bonus for individuals who are bound by small room space, for individuals who are akin to put in an individual touch to their room design, along with for folks who necessitate as much storage space as they can acquire.
  1. The agreement with built-in furniture company is that you can make use of any (appropriate) category of material to construct it. Accordingly, even if marble will be too weighty for a wardrobe door, you get a hold of the drift, correct? Utilise mirror, wood, glass, stainless steel decorations, and use whatsoever you consider will set up your sagacity of style.


Now, I said earlier though the project seems to be simple and interesting to read at, you will definitely need some professional experts to be hired, who will at first list up all the demands of materials and designs while making fitted furniture. Tell them about your budget and then they will offer you the best method of making fitted bedroom furniture in London mentioning the time- span to complete the project. Out of all prominent names in this sector in the United Kingdom, Furniture Artist would be the best to rely upon. Their experience in this sector is the key factor to the people of the UK.